Dropbox Phishing Email

This Email looks to be from Dropbox although links to a fake login page which can be used to get email username and password and possibly the Dropbox username and password especially being it tries to get you to login to Dropbox with a separate account. The login page is below.

The Facebook Video Scam/Hack Message

This message has been going around alot and it is a hack or a scam. We are not totally sure which as of yet. Every time a one gets sent to us it has already been pulled by facebook. Do not click it though just to be on the safe side, also let the person…

New Phishing Scam & Immigration ?

New phishing scam claiming to have successful consideration of a request for US citizenship.  

Phishing Scam Pretending to be Microsoft

  This Phishing email starts out with this very simple email. As you can see if you look closely its not even a Microsoft Email. Fast forward below to after the link is clicked. It goes to what looks like a very official login page for microsoft. The problem is the address is not right…

Virus Removal Delano MN

Virus Removal Delano MN

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