Suntrust Bank Phishing Email

Phishing Scam targeting suntrust bank customers. Literally they are pushing to get you to give them your username and password.  

New Facebook Hack – Do Not Click the Video

We recently saw this video running around through messenger on facebook. And verified through someone who sent it out that soon after that’s when there account started sending out this very “video message” if you have already been breached changing your password should lock it out.  

New Email Malware Delivery System Pretending to be the Network Administrator

This is a new email we got the other day, pretending to be a network administrator. Which to some could look trustworthy, although minus the fact that the email address is spoofed to be address. the phone number is also questionable. Although many companies in america outsource to other companies.

Dropbox Phishing Email

This Email looks to be from Dropbox although links to a fake login page which can be used to get email username and password and possibly the Dropbox username and password especially being it tries to get you to login to Dropbox with a separate account. The login page is below.

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