Encrypting your cloud files

People love the cloud nowadays, dropbox, google drive and so many more.

Many of these encrypt your files, but they maintain the keys, and if someone gets ahold of your account information they can download your data or access it. Leaving it vulnerable. Especially important for example Lawyers who require security and privacy for there information. It could just be for your own piece of mind.

A really awesome solution to this is Boxcryptor which encrypts your data seperately from any of those cloud services. Essentially giving it 2 sets of encryption. And if someone were to get access to your cloud account they would still not be able to access information you chose to encrypt with boxcryptor. With boxcryptor you can choose to encrypt all or some of your files in which ever cloud drives you choose. Most common cloud drives are supported.

There is a free version and a paid version so give it a shot and try it out.


Fix Versus Replace

When it comes to technology fix versus replace is a big question.

Sometimes can be something completely illogical it would seem too.

Fix versus replace is always a personal decision, budget decision, and a technical decision too.

Usually we will only recommend replacement when something is really out of date or more cost effective to replace versus fix.

Although on occasion we have had ancient technology that maybe runs really expensive software that can't be replaced or duplicated and in those cases sometimes people choose to keep fixing ancient technology to preserve the software.

Technology that is high end or high quality usually might just need some tweaks, or a cleaning to bring it back to life. Maybe even a new part or two.

Our usual rule of thumb is dependent on the cost to replace versus fix, but also taking into account if the hardware is sound also.

There really is no magic way to decide in our experience to fix or replace but we will always do our best to help you find the right answer for your situation.






Chipotle Hack May leave your Credit Card information Vulnerable

A few days ago information was released regarding a malware hack on a large number of Chipotle locations all over the nation. Not all, but most stores were hit with a malware that read and recorded customer credit card data as it went through the POS system. They are working with security firms and law enforcement to get to the bottom of it. They have however offered a page where you can check to see if a store or stores you went to during that time has been breached or not. Click here for more info:  https://www.chipotle.com/security#security

The companies blog post indicates that during the investigation the malware was removed and there is no indication that other customer information was affected.




Thoughts from the Founder for Memorial Day

Every year I think alot this time a year. When i started Techwarrior Technologies in 2007.  I swore that the company & I would always do everything possible and live and do best to bring honor to my brothers that fell and are not with us. I constantly hope i am living up to it.

I hope we here at Techwarrior Technologies  always aspire to that and be something my brothers would be proud of in their memory!

My good pastor friend reminded me recently:
We are a living memorial to those that have influenced us and touched us.

When you raise your glasses this weekend raise them in memory!

Roderick Rotzien



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