Chipotle Hack May leave your Credit Card information Vulnerable

A few days ago information was released regarding a malware hack on a large number of Chipotle locations all over the nation. Not all, but most stores were hit with a malware that read and recorded customer credit card data as it went through the POS system. They are working with security firms and law enforcement to get to the bottom of it. They have however offered a page where you can check to see if a store or stores you went to during that time has been breached or not. Click here for more info:

The companies blog post indicates that during the investigation the malware was removed and there is no indication that other customer information was affected.




Thoughts from the Founder for Memorial Day

Every year I think alot this time a year. When i started Techwarrior Technologies in 2007.  I swore that the company & I would always do everything possible and live and do best to bring honor to my brothers that fell and are not with us. I constantly hope i am living up to it.

I hope we here at Techwarrior Technologies  always aspire to that and be something my brothers would be proud of in their memory!

My good pastor friend reminded me recently:
We are a living memorial to those that have influenced us and touched us.

When you raise your glasses this weekend raise them in memory!

Roderick Rotzien



New Phishing Email Uses Google Docs and Permissions to Gain Access to your Google Account

This new Phishing Email gets you to open the doc and get access too your google account. How does it do this?
When you click the link it requests permissions to your account and most people just click ok and continue on. (Do not click allow if you decide to open this doc)
Once permissions have been authorized they are in. And more then likely will start sending out emails from your account.

If you are expecting a docunment link from someone carefully check the senders email the one we found had [email protected] attached to it. which obviously not the email of the person supposedly sending it.


These authorizations give access to anything your google already has access too.

If you Have been hit:

  • Goto sign in
  • Goto Security and Connected Apps
  • Search and remove googledocs from the list. It is not the real google docs



Have a Techwarrior Ready to help you with Ninja Help Desk for Home or Businesses

Techwarrior Technologies realizes that you may have lots of issues that may not require tons of time and may need help with at times. We have been offering this service to businesses at a higher rate for a while but now we are offering it to our residential customers. For less then 50 cents a day you can have a Techwarrior ready to help you with your problems via chat- text- remote and phone help. This is an online service and includes a monthly cleanup and optimization at your request. This covers situations involving drivers, malware, general computer help, social media help, online marketing help, assistance, simple tutoring, questions, and much much more. The cost for this service is  $149.00/year/ per computer.  All requests for service will be answered as expediently as possible and within at least 24 hrs. ) Computer Problems? Viruses? Malware? Slow Computer? Don’t want to leave home? Alot of problems can be fixed by remote service.



$149.00 Per Computer / Year


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